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 . . in the wilds of . . . Avalon. This site contains a novel written by Wikipedia user "Barkhandi" (but there are a few more novels by various other folks). For more information, see Wikipedia's. Avalon by Wikipedia user "Barkhandi" Avalon by Wikipedia user "Barkhandi" Public Domain Book Review : The Lords of Avalon: A Novel of the Holy Grail by D.G. Lattimore. ( Originally published in 1988 by St. Martin’s Press, New York) Reviewed by Marty Cooke Many years ago, I received as a gift a certain book by D.G. Lattimore entitled The Lords of Avalon: A Novel of the Holy Grail. I was fascinated by the possibility of the Grail, that mystery object reputed to be a vessel which a few kings had used to bring life from the dead. I’m sure this was also the inspiration for the books, The Manchurian Candidate, and other movies that I love (and hate!) depicting a future in which the USA is divided in two (and something of the Grail is used to turn American youth against their own government). I liked the book because it showed a brilliant understanding of many details of the Grail legend, though the premise had been taken from the Grail narrative. I don’t think it was possible to do justice to the story in less than a novel. It’s much longer than many books. I enjoyed reading it, and certainly recommended it for young readers. Now you can see the book in print, and it’s also available online. Lattimore was a well-known expert on the Grail. I imagine this book brought him fame, though that was not immediately evident from the press release I saw. The story is a series of scenes in which the young woman Christine, sheltered from the world by her repulsive mother, learns some of the fundamental facts about her background. The story covers several more years, and Christine meets one of the relatives who eventually will guide her in her quest to find the Grail. In the course of her quest, she finds that the stories she had heard as a child were right on the mark. It takes place in England, so there’s an explanation for all of the various locations, including the Cotentin Peninsula of France, which lies across the English Channel from Normandy.



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1356 Bernard Cornwell Pdf 14 railvane

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